Akiko Tokuoka is a dancer, choreographer and actress currently based in New York. Her unique concept is to create an explosion of contrasting elements including global cultures, historical eras and styles. She has over 20 years’ experience as an performing artist, specializing in freestyle dancing. At a young age she was drawn to many dance styles such as Hip-Hop, Jazz as well as 80's Funk. She started off taking gigs at various nightclubs while also working as a backup dancer for a well-known J-Pop artist.

Kyoto Meets NYC,
Tradition Meets Technology,
Culture Meets Chaos

In 2004, she relocated from Kyoto, Japan to NYC to expand on her career with modern dancing, ballet, and contemporary dance as well as taking advanced acting training. This lead her to be featured in roles at various venues such as the Lincoln Center, Blue Note, The Metropolitan Museum of the Art and other locations in the metro area including the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. She fell in love with the voguing culture in New York and worked her way up to becoming an official member of the legendary “House of Ninja” by 2009. House of Ninja is a voguing collective who have worked with artists such as Madonna for the 2012 Super Bowl Performance. Her crew name is "KiT Ninja," and in 2010 she coordinated their tour through major cities in Japan including her native hometown Kyoto.

She has also been featured in commercials and ads for New Era, Nike and NYC Play Sure. She choreographed Lovari Anthony's music video for his single, "Paparazzi", which was featured on MTV in late 2018. She has also performed in Off-Broadway Musicals such as "Heather Smiley for President” and ”WARLOVERS”. Acted in a traditional Japanese play, “Jyou En”, at the Theater for the New City in NY. And will be featured in a upcoming documentary short by DAZED magazine along with other “House Of Ninja” members.

Akiko aspires to uplift and inspire her audience through performances that combine her skills in acting, dancing and choreography.